6. Symposium: Lateral Management

6. Symposium: Lateral Management

Again, also the 6th symposium of Denkwerkstatt für Manager – like the events before – was excellent: 20 topmanager from economy and administration discussed with Martina Nieswandt and Roland Geschwill, both founders of Denkwerkstatt für Manager, and other interesting speakers about lateral management as the success factor for organizations in the digital era.

Performance artist and jazz pianist Jens Thomas from Berlin startet the discourse with the topic: „The art of performance: How artists consistentely reinvent themselves.“ He was followed by Dirk Dobiéy, founder of the Age of Artists gGmbH with the title „Space is better than Structure: What should be changed in economy and what this has got to do with artists.“ The former SAP-manager is founding a network of managers from economy and industry with artists, to foster creativity and innovation in organizations.

Founder and internet-specialist Sebastian Maier talked about his experience with business angels and venture capitalists „Working remote at smooster or: How do you check you employees, Mr Maier?”. Dominik Pauly, founder & managing director of the nursing service Pflegeteam 365 GmbH, introduced the company Buurtzorg! to us. This nursing service from the Netherlands is world-wide known as a company where employees are extraordinary creative and work self-determined. Pauly pointed out, how modern concepts of leading, deciding and co-working can be utilized in economy. Martina Nieswandt presented the ideas of Douglas McGregor, a pionieering thinker and business psychologist, who among other projects initiated a project at Procter and Gamble according the autonomous plant during the 1960s.

The hosts resumee was, that lateral management is the adequate answer to digitalization in the economy. “Lateral management, leading on eye-level, offers companies as well as employees the chance of more organizational innovative capacity, a higher level of competitiveness, exciting jobs, more freedom and creativity”, so Martina Nieswandt and Dr. Roland Geschwill. Both regard lateral management as something that allows manifold goals and processes and gives organizations the chance to more flexibility. In addition lataral organizations count on the creativity of their employees and anchor the principle of self-responsibiity deeply.

Andreas Stolze, owner of the Party-Planer, indulged every body – as every year – with culinary treats of Palatine cuisine and wine.