Management training

Management training

Your managers should be the best. You wish to offer a management qualification that reaches heads, hearts and hands. You want to be certain that your managers learn something they can use in practice. If so, pure communication and motivation training, as mostly offered in Europe, is not enough. Our qualifications differ from conventional management training by combining elements of US and European management schools. In particular the school of Peter Drucker has gained popularity in the USA. This school and its imitators focus on learnable skills (tools) for managers. These include:

  • Working with goals
  • Time and self-management and mental training
  • Employee development
  • Task delegation
  • Decision-making
Efficiently controlling

European management schools have tended to concentrate on communication- and personality-related aspects of management. In particular in recent years, these schools have been influenced by systematic consultancy based on the work of the social scientist Niklas Luhmann:

  • Effective counselling techniques rather than bad language (Heidegger)
  • Managing escalation chains and solving conflicts
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Motivating through trust development
  • Monitoring roles and attitude as a manager
  • Persuasion through emotionalisation

Denkwerkstatt implements multi-level management qualifications for its clients, in which participants systematically learn about many tools in training experiments, including psychological tests, and many different application forms. Design your sustainable management training initiatives with us as First Mover.