LCI® Lateral Culture Index

 Lateral Culture

It is considered assured that the existing organizational culture has got vital influence on the success of organizations, especially on change-processes. In addition, the failure of many changes seems to be related with a missing regard of organizational culture. However, this finds little consideration in practice.

Particularly, if organizations aim to introduce new ways of leading, deciding and cooperating the question has to be stated, at which point this organization can be culturally located at the start, as well as which strengths already can be used during the change-process.

For this reason, Geschwill and Nieswandt (2015) developed the „Lateral Culture Index“(LCI®). This tool enables organizations to measure, where exactly they are located according to organizational and leadership culture, with special regard of lateral aspects. By this, organizations can formulate continuative goals for their individual culture change and accompany the change process accordingly.

The LCI® regards current research results about lateral management and organizational culture. It was developed in cooperation with organizations to ensure reliability and validity. Denkwerkstatt für Manager offers clients this procedure in an online-version as well as paper-pencil, so that every staff-member is able to join the surveys. In addition it is possible to add individual items with regard to the organization. Denkwerkstatt conducts the analysis of data with regard of data protection rules. Results and their meaning for the individual organization are presented in meaningful expert opinions, are discussed with the client. In addition, detailed suggestions are deduced.

By this, the organization knows precisely which level of maturity according to leading, deciding and cooperatin it holds at the moment. So, it can plan the next steps based on this knowledge. In addition, the LCI® offers the opportunity to measure changes over time and so is able to examine the effectiveness of the realized interventions.