Measure & assess – numbers & human beings

Measure & assess – numbers & human beings

You cannot manage what you canno measure. Since many years, this credo by Peter Drucker, inventor of Management by Objecitives, applies in management-development. However, many organisations today dispose employee ratings and MbOs. Measuring output seems to get into a crisis. Due to digitalisation everything has to become faster, different, and somehow better.

Dring this seminar we discuss new models to assess management-output in the 21st century. Organisations as Google developed different approaches, that lead to success – if used correctly.


First and second level leader and manager


The participants argue with basic principles of math as a basis for measurement and assessment. They learn up-to-date approaches of employee ratings and how to use them in their organisation.


  • Human beings and numbers – basics of quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Emotions and measuring – the emotional side of a figure
  • History of efficiency ratings in psychology and management
  • Successful organisations without efficiency ratings
  • OKR´s – making Google successful
  • Transparancy and feedback – Magic formulas to digital transformation – but so hard to realise
  • My individual learning plan

2 days – max 6 participants

Impulse-lecturers, group-work, individual work, peer group counselling