Lateral Management – managing projects on eye-level

Lateral Management – managing projects on eye-level

Today, organisations search for new models of project-work. Agile Management, Scrum, FedEX 24, Design Thinking are sets of methods, that are preferred as by-passes to classical management. In this seminar, we discuss project management 4.0. Beside these „new“ methods, you will also shortly look into successful tools of classical project-management. Today, project-work happens on eye-evel with many stakeholders. Our focus therefore will be on leading lateral projects. With the help of peer-group counselling we will work on current projects and immediately develop relevant aspects for implementation.


  • The participants reflect project-work in its phases of brainstorming, conception, implementation, and evaluation as a lateral process.
  • The participants develop solution-competencies on hand of current projects.
  • By the end of the workshop, the participants know the tools of project-management, as well as lateral leadership and approaches to increase the participation of management and employees.

Topics in lateral processes:

  • Target- and success-orientation.
  • Embracing of relevant power-player.
  • Solving structural conflicts.
  • Appointing and solving goal-conflicts (time, quality, costs, resources, interests).
  • Choice and qualification of project-leaders and team-members

Topics in project-management:

  • Diagnosing organisational culture.
  • Knowing alternative method-sets.
  • Defining project-goals and meaning.
  • Minimizing risks in complex projects.
  • Building an effective project-organisation.
  • Knowing the best project-management-tools

Your Value:

You receive an up-to-date set of methods according classical, alternative, and lateral project-work in your organisation and solve difficult questions of your current projects.

Duration: 2 days