Digital Leadership – Becoming fit as a leader through the digital transformation

Digital Leadership – Becoming fit as a leader through the digital transformation

By this seminar leaders and managers achieve munition leading employees successfully within a digital work:

  • You gain deep insight into up-to-time modes of operation, and by this better understand and assess your employees work.
  • By this you can make digital challenges tangible for your employees and so convince easier.
  • Learn the new methods and approaches.
  • You gain certainty for the work in team and enable everybody to concentrate on important questions.

The concept of lateral leadership and transformation in the digital world helps to shape your personal role and gain value above your own leadership work.


Digital Leadership Overview

  • Megatrend: The fundamental new of digital transformation.
  • Moore’s law and its aftermaths.
  • What means: Culture eats strategy for breakfast?
  • Current forms of transparency change organisational culture.
  • Up-to-date information about the transformation of work-places and business-models.
  • Why digitalisation asks for great challenges according to learning. How do we initiate new learning?

Methods of Digital Leadership

  • Understanding start-up cultures.
  • Workingmethods within the context of digital transformation (lateral management, food-for-thougth-workshops, Design Thinking, Hackathons, Future labours, Fuck up nights, Agile projects, Scrum, Open Space,… ).
  • From MbO to OKR: What Google is developing, based on reseach.
  • New ways of learning (Blended Learning, Digital models of competence, Youtube, Internet, working with virtual and flipped classroom)

Developing digital products and services / Lean Startup Method

  • Customer-oriented development of products and services.
  • Introducing: agile Lean Startup Method (Build, Measure, Learn).
  • Working hypothesis-driven, and iterative with customer-feedback.
  • Smart customizing

The role of the leader in a digital world

  • On the path from hierarchical to lateral leadership.
  • The exception „leading from the distance“ becomes the norm; successfactors.
  • Psychological aspects of lateral leadership.
  • Two paces in the same management team.
  • Digital cultural readiness-Check for your team.
  • Measuring leadership-culture with the Lateral Culture Index® (LCI).
  • The cultural model by Claire W. Graves and my management-team.
  • What you really should know about digital tools (share ware for agile project anagement, Slack, Tableau, new models to make presentations as online white boards, new digital ways to support participation, social network.

Duration: 2 days, 2 Trainer of Denkwerkstatt für Manager

Participants: Leader and manager

Methods: presentation, lecturers, internet-/smartphonebased learning, peer-group counselling, digital learning-experiments, search-inside your self Formats (Google), individual work.