Inhouse Seminars


Denkwerkstatt für Manager offers its clients individually developed seminar-concepts that can be realized inhouse. Besides conventional topics as Leadership und Teamwork, we offer seminars about the following topics.

Digital Leadership – Leaders get fit for digital transformation
By this seminar leaders and managers gain the knowledge to lead employees and teams successfully through the digital world. They learn about up to date work styles. Based on that, they will be able to better understand their employees and perform their judgments. In addition they can design a framework which enables employees to experience digital challenges. So, it will be much easier to convince people to face the digital transformation.

Lateral Management – Communication on eye-level
To lead talks on eye-level is a new field for many managers and leaders. Typical management used to focus on disciplinary and hierarchical – and therefore asymmetrical – aspects and ways of influencing others. Reality in organizations today is different. Most talks with people in organizations, with clients, and service-providers are on eye-lever, and therefore without formal power. Conducting lateral talks thererfore is much different and will be trained during this seminar.

The power of unconscious bias
Unconscious biases are a phenomenon that supports us in various ways. However, it also bears the risk of wrong and unfair judgements and evaluations. Everyone has manifold conscious and unconscious beliefs and attitudes (about men, women, gays and lesbians, refugees, people with migration background, etc.). To know about these is an important step, to fight their dysfunctional aftermaths.

Assessing and evaluating
Numbers and humansOne cannot manage what one does not measure. This credo by Peter Drucker, the originator of MbOs till today is a basic topic in management-development programmes. However, today many organisations in fact abolish performance assessments and target agreements. Measurement of work performance seems to be in crisis. Due to digitalisation everything has to become faster, different, and somehow better.

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