Mental Risks Analysis

Mental Risks Analysis

Companies in Germany are legally obligated to conduct measurements to assess risks due to work, and develop security-activities based on the results.

In addition to physical, chemical, and biological risks, also mental risks have tob e checked. Since 2014 organisations are state-controlled, if they conducted the surveys appropriately.

The following topics have to be monitored specifically: tasks, organisation, social relations, working environment, and work equipment. When planning and conducting the survey, many questions and problems ocur.

  • How is the legal situation, and what ist he role of Mutual Indemnity Associations?
  • What kind of preconditions are needed?
  • Which methods and tools exist (qualitative and quantitative)?
  • What are chances and risks of the different tools?
  • What kind of analyses exist?
  • How will strategies for solutions be worked out?
  • How do we have to document results?
  • What ways exist to monitor results?
  • How can we implement a Mental Risk Analysis in our company?

During our food-for-thought-workshop background and questions will be stated by the help of impulse lectures, followed by a deep discussion, including advanatges and disadvantages of different approaches. Also, experiences will be exchanged. By the end, the organisation is clear about further steps and a strategy for first activities is developed.