What are Food-For-Thought-Workshops?

Since 2011 we developed this new format. The first Food-For-Thought-Workshops have been our symposia. Here, we discussed different topics with maximum 20 participants during one day based on 5 introductory speeches. Each symposium did have an individual focus: 2013 Artst & Management; 2014 Freedom & Economy; 2015 Digitalization & Organization. The participants have been so excited they encouraged us to offer Food-For-Thought-Workshops as a basic format. So, since August 2015 we conduct Food-For-Thought-Workshops for our clients inhouse.

Organizations are faced with questions according to certain, strategically important issues and want to exchange about these internally in an open and intensive way. We discuss with the management of the whereas organization the topic and develop an individual design, between 3 hours up to 3 days (according to the question and aim of the organization). Up to 20 people from the organization join the Food-For-Thought-Workshop. At the moment we offer Food-For-Thought-Workshop about the following topics:

  • Digitalization & Organisation
  • Digitalization & Customer-Relations
  • Digitalization & Risik-Analysis
  • Digitalization: Designing Customer- and Staff-Surveys more quickly and efficiently
  • Human-Ressource-Strategy: Refugees and Demography
  • Organizational Healthcare
  • Mental Risks-Analysis
  • Innovation & Start Up period
  • Lateral leading of freelancing people

This format can also be conducted in English language. For details, please contact us!