The era of “classical” management consultancy is gone. Anyone wishing to get to the bottom of more complex issues will not get very far with a purely intellectual approach. Denkwerkstatt always goes to the heart of the matter: We “drill” until we reach the core of the problem. We “file away” until we have created a bespoke solution. Not a purely theoretical concept, but a practical solution, that works! Denkwerkstatt does not deal in wishy-washy theories for intellectuals; Denkwerkstatt is hard work: We wish to actively shape the future by reflecting, planning ahead and acting. Together with our clients. And in doing so, we can often discover surprising solutions.

By using new formats as Food-For-Thought-Workshops, Teamevents, activity-oriented management-trainings, and great groups we expose the way of thinking in organizations. Consultancy follows mega-trends of digitalization like flexibility, speed, self-responsible working, process- and customer-orientation, individualization, and emotionalization.

Management circles are often characterised by too much talking and consulting, and too little real research. Our First Mover projects are based on extensive experience of supporting companies and academic surveys in practice.