Smart Culture®

Smart Culture® & Digital Cultural Readiness Check

Is your company fit for the digital transformation?

The Denkwerkstatt team of psychologists and sociologists have specialized on analysing cultural-digital needs for organizational change by using new, in particular qualitative methods. Based on the results consequences for a successful digital transformations are mapped out.

Change can only be successfully performed, if deliberately thought about what should be newly designed!

Increasing pace and focus in the digital world on users and customers essentially change scientific-methodically two formats:

1. Trial and direct communication is more important than standardization: The analogue world analysed by standardised questionnaires. At the Digital Cultural Readiness Check the focus lies on qualitative, explorative interviews (management, employees, user, and customer).

2. The old IT-world planned and developed silently inside the organisation. In the digital world user and customer are in focus. By the agile manifest in 2001 the goals of software-development got a fundamentally new orientation.

We, at Denkwerkstatt für Manager, developed measurements that fit to the current challenges, and ensure the management to design the digital transformation tactical. In the process the change of organisational culture is a vital focal point.

In August 2017 McKinsey interviewed more than 2,000 digital managers. The result: They all agreed that most transformation projects fail because of a traditional organisational culture.

We, at Denkwerkstatt für Manager, successfully use measurements during digital transformation processes. The focus lies on qualitative, explorative interviews with management, employees, users, and customers).

The analysis is gainful for the cultural realignment of organisations. The founder of state-of-the-art management science, Peter Drucker, once stated two important principles: „One cannot manage, what one does not measure „and „[Management]Culture eats strategy for breakfast“.

By the use of our measurements we meter management culture, and by this we create the preconditions for successful digital transformation.

We call that SMART CULTURE®