Silver Society Check – What we offer

Silver Society Check – What we offer

A management that regards life-stages means a cultural change in the organisations.

Denkwerkstatt for Managers as a specialist in cultural topics (Smart Culture, Lateral Management) is your partner, as we always develop suitable concept in real co-operation with the organisation.

Starting-point is the Silver Society Check as well as a quantitative and qualitative analysis of your activities till that point. Our evaluation is based on current research results, to support us driving the correct conclusions for you.

We offer the following:


  • concept development for a modern personell-management bases on the different stages of life
  • Silver Society Check – Methods: Online-Survey, Interviews, Workshops, Assessment Centre
  • structured, goal-oriented, and guided protection respectively transfer of expert-knowledge, and specific experiences and know-how (Methoden sind dabei z.B. Debriefing, generationenübergreifendes Mentoring)

Preparing the employee fort he „career“ after the worklife:

  • Self-Assessment (motives, interests, finance, partnership)
  • Individual strategies for a good transformation
  • Cherishing what has been achieved so far
  • Solving transformation-risks
  • Preparing the role-change (job and private life, family)
  • Recognising personal resources and needs (competencies, interests)
  • Well-being and engagement-life-balance for the time after work
  • developing visions and live dreams