Silver Society Check

Silver Society Check – designing actively and successfully the transformation

With regard to skills-shortage and demographic changes it is important for organisations to keep the health, work-ability, and motivation of their staff up to old age. Empirical research proove a positive relation between a personnell-management oriented on life-phases with vital ratios, e.g. time used for staffing, sick rate etc.

Bases on the Silver Society Check we evaluate on one hand the capability and on the other the willingness of Silver Agers,

  • to bring in their manpower and potentials;
  • to qualify and develop themselves (hard and soft skills);
  • to show or develop curiosity and willingness to change
  • to accompany and support changes;
  • to deal with younger, inexperienced colleagues and exchange knowledge and experience between generations;
  • to identify with the organisation and to pass it

In addition, the general framework that organisations offer their staff during their last years before retirement is evaluated.

Especially large organisations have implemented special models and systems according work-time, payment etc. Also, our Silver Society Check takes a closer look on aspects as leadership, organisational culture, HR, potential evaluation, health-management, work-life-balance, communication, motivation, teamstructures, diversity management, and knowledge-transfer.

When planning and conducting the check usually some oft he following questions and problems ocur:

  • Which methods and tools (quantitative and qualitative) exist fort he measurement?
  • Which chances and risks come with the different tools?
  • What kind of analyzes exist?
  • How will strategies for solutions be worked out?
  • What is the best way to implement the Silver Society Check in our organisation?

Silver Society Check – What we offer