Gender Shift – Women in leadership and management in the 21st century

Gender Shift – Women in leadership and management in the 21st century

Social changes effect organisations. Therefore, many top managers asks themselves, how to deal with the so-called generation Y, wich seems to set different main foci in life and is not as caree-driven than generations before. In addition, according to a lack of skilled personnel leads tot he situation that the pool, where organisations used to find talents gets smaller and smaller. Also, digitalisation changes the way how we lead, decide and cooperate in organisations. This also leads to fast and widespread changes and challenges old structures.

To face future successfully, it is important to create the best possible workforce in organisations – independ of gender and extraction. Well-designed diversity and the identification of the best canidates and talents has a huge influence.

Gender Shift should not lead to another form of discrimination and exclusion

In fact, something different has to put into focus: With regard to the organisation and its economic success it always has to be the goal to identifying the best candidates for the positions and demands – independently of gender, origin, etc.

Many organisations are actively supporting women. They offer mentoring, development-programmes etc. Some organisations are very successful while others – although trying hard – do not see any development. Even, if the number of women in leadership positions is increasing, it is not measured which influence the time-consuming and financial efforts really have an influence this development or how one could optimize these.

To find more women in management and leadership it needs an organisational culture change. However, it is worth it following that path as it will ensure long-term economic success for organisations.

Success-factor Women’s advancement and Diversity

We aim to bring organisations and women into a capable of acting status that will lead to more economic success. However, every organisation has got its specific preconditions and organisational culture which has to be taken into regard. Black and white thinking is neither sensible nor supportive. In fact, the success of the organisation lies in focus. We are strongly convinces that women can contribute much more to that as possible today.

Within some organisations the struggle to advance the number of women in leadership- and management-positions leads to a situation where only the belonging to a certain gender seems to be crucial. In that case the pendulum goes from one extreme (only men have a chance) to the other (only women are favoured). This is not healthy for any organisation and should be avoided. Diversity should not lead to the exclusion of another group. In addition, diversity is a much broader concept concerning also people with special needs, or with migration background etc.

Individually creating Women’s advancement activities

Research that shows that organisations lead by women would be more successful than others are not non-controversial. On the one hand a double-blind-study is not possible, on the other hand the factors that influence the success of an organisation are too complex to reduce it onto one factor (woman). At the same time there is clear evidence that Start-ups where women where on important positions right from the beginning and stayed on that position, these companies are more successful than others.

It is non-controversial that heterogeneous teams show better performance than homogeneous teams. However, the right balance is essential! Teams, where on group (for example white men or women, other groups) predominate and the „minority“in that group stays under 30 percent, actually achieve no better performance. It seems that in this case minorities cannot add their strenghts sufficiently. In these cases, homogenious groups are indeed more successful.

Together with you we work out, which activities are adequate for your organisation and support the implementation or adaption.

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