Gender Shift

Gender Shift – Women in leadership and management in the 21st century

Social changes effect organisations. Therefore, many top managers asks themselves, how to deal with the so-called generation Y, wich seems to set different main foci in life and is not as caree-driven than generations before. In addition, according to a lack of skilled personnel leads tot he situation that the pool, where organisations used to find talents gets smaller and smaller. Also, digitalisation changes the way how we lead, decide and cooperate in organisations. This also leads to fast and widespread changes and challenges old structures.
To face future successfully, it is important to create the best possible workforce in organisations – independ of gender and extraction. Well-designed diversity and the identification of the best canidates and talents has a huge influence.


Gender Shift – Our offer

Advancement of women in management and leadership means cultural change. Denkwerkstatt for Managers as specialist for organisational culture (Smart Culture, Lateral Management) is the right partner. Together with our clients we develop the best and adequate concepts for the organisation.