FOR Managers

Within the next 10 years many business models and 60 % of workplaces in Germany and other countries are threatened by the digital revolution. Organizations look for answers for the following:

How will our future business models look like in a digital economy?

  • Which risks exist and how could we minimize these?
  • How will we manage to prepare our management and employees for the new challenges?
  • In future: How do we create a framework for more self-responsible leading, deciding and cooperating?
  • How can we adapt in-house learning as a network with our customers in this new complex, digital world?

Our expertise:

Denkwerkstatt für Manager discusses approaches by the current book: LATERALES MANAGEMENT – Das Erfolgsprinzip für Unternehmen im Digitalen Zeitalter, Springer, 4/2016 (Lateral Management – The Successprinciple for organizations in the digital era).

We work as Coaches, Managementtrainer, or in projects for our clients and conceptualize tailor-made solutions for leaders, teams and organizations facing the new challenges. It is important to us that we are capable to measure the success. To do this we developed measurements for every occasion during the last years.

By new formats as “Denkwerkstätten” (Food for Thought-Workshops), or the qualifications for lateral management we touch heart, mind, and hands of the participants. By our research studies in cooperation with our clients we are able to proof that new formats are the virtual success guarantee of transformation.