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8. Research
In addition to our own research, we have supported these final theses submissions for the MBA HRM course at the Heidelberg Management Centre and Ludwigshafen Technical College:

Jan Blohm, Bilfinger, 2014, Master Thesis;
Innovation-barrier quality-management?
The influence of process-orientation and error prevention on operational improvement.

Marion Seßler, INTEM, Master Thesis 2014;
Attendend actions for sale-trainings in small and medium-sized organisations with the aim of safe-keeping sustainability by the example of an interval-training activity. 

Helmut Seßler, INTEM;
How can companies train their older suitable qualified employees to pass on their experience and knowledge to younger employees? Using the example of a commercial sales department, 2013

Doris Prokosch;
Analysis of employee motivation for the purpose of employee engagement using the example of a company in the electronics industry, 2013

Carolin Beer;
Development of a tool to improve the eRecruiting system of MDAX-listed companies based on the CUBE formula, 2012