Analyzes: measur and evaluate

Measur and evaluate

Peter Drucker once said „You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” However, during change processes surveys and measurements are rarely conducted, so it is at least difficult to judge the final success of the process.

We regard it as vital to conduct ratings. A decent scientifically measurement protects organisations to stay on a blind flight and offers the chance to react early and purposeful. Denkwerkstatt für Manager not only uses proven in use experience to develop and implement pinpointed measurement tools but also accompanies the next steps. The most important time is the time after the measurement: What happens to the results? Which conclusions do we draw and what activities have to follow? How do we communicate the results – especially the difficult results?

We are able to develop surveys and measurements online and paper & pencil with regard of German data protection law. We only work with servers situated in Germany.

Currently we offer the following surveys:

Diversity Culture check

Let’s be honest: For organisations, diversity and women in leadership positions is no question of equity in our society. Moreover, it has hard economic reasons. Demographic factors as well as the lack of skilled personnel play an important role. In addition, more and more women are highly qualified – often even better than men. At the same time we know that diverse teams under certain conditions perform better than non-divers teams. However, the development of a diverse organisation always is a question of culture as well. And we ask the question: Is you organisation with regard to a diversity-perspective mature for real diversity? The Diversity Culture Check helps answering that question and develop activities that are of real value for your organisations.

Staff Surveys

Staff surveys are a well proven tool to feel the pulse of an organisation. However, many organisations today face some kind or survey-tiredness that leads to decreasing return rates. Together with our clients we develop surveys that are really hitting your needs and answer your questions. When designing a survey we always have in mind scientific standards according to validity and reliability. Still our surveys are not too complicated for the staff members – whatever qualification and education – or too complex. Often data from other sources also can be used and add to the surveys. That helps asking the same questions again and again. This reduces the extent of a survey.

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