Denkwerkstatt // Creative Management

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Denkwerkstatt's 2013 symposium addressed the subject of "Creative Management". Many companies are currently on the lookout for innovations. Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart implemented a "Creative Puzzle" project designed to promote creativity in the business. SAP has an Innovation Board headed by Vishal Sikka and a "Design Thinking" project group. The latest publication to clearly illustrate the importance of innovations for a company's bottom line is Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs. But just how do we come up with innovations? Denkwerkstatt has researched this subject for two years, paying particular attention to projects implemented by creatives (the visual arts, music and in particular jazz, architecture, performance art) and has produced some notable results.

One of the creative partners of Denkwerkstatt für Manager: Jens Thomas is singer, pianist, and composer. He is performing in concerts, theatre and other formats. Born 1970 in Berlin he studied Jazz-piano in Hamburg, and performed internationally. He published various CDs and achieved several awards. Currently the "Jimi Hendrix of the piano" (Süddeutsche Zeitung a german Newspaper), performs on nearly every German stage with the well-known actor Matthias Brandt ("Psycho", "Fear"). Since 2009 he works as voice- and performance coach in seminars and personal consultations.