The Partners


Our thoughts are not tied. They are free to roam when we structure our Denkwerkstatt partner network, allowing us to include economics, culture, politics, music, marketing, law – a fascinating mixture creating some inspiring thought processes.

Alexandra Philipona, chartered engineer, printing technology.
Several years she was active board member at the top of a group of companies in the printing business in Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 2010 she lives in Switzerland where she was board member till 2017 at the largest book-bindery. There, she was responsible for sales and marketing.

Barbara Limbeck, gig7 Startup Mannheim,
Female Business and Gendermanagement is her focus which she fills with a lot of passion – however down-to-earth and economically oriented! She is in lead at Startup Mannheim when femail entrepreneurship is the issue. She also works ans free consultant for Denkwerkstatt für Manager.

Rainer Bopp, Presence & Effect, Starnberg
Studied drama and singing in Paris and is regarded by us as the best presence coach in Germany.

Rainer Kern, Jazz & Culture, Mannheim & Heidelberg
In the 1990s, founded “Enjoy Jazz”, one of the most successful jazz festivals in Europe with currently over 100 events. The festival takes place annually in October/November in Heidelberg – Mannheim – Ludwigshafen.

Jens Thomas, singer, pianist, and composer, Hamburg
He is performing in concerts, theatre and other formats. Born 1970 in Berlin he studied Jazz-piano in Hamburg, and performed internationally. He published various CDs and achieved several awards. Currently the “Jimi Hendrix of the piano” (Süddeutsche Zeitung/a german Newspaper), performs on nearly every German stage with the well-known actor Matthias Brandt (“Psycho”, “Fear”). Since 2009 he works as voice- and performance coach in seminars and personal consultations.

Kuentzle Lawyers in Economics, Karlsruhe
Known as a top law firm and offers advice in all legal areas. With their team of top-level employees, Kuentzle offers a range of organizational development models.

Hans Peter Theilig, THEILIG kommunikation, Ludwigshafen
We got to know Hans Peter Theilig when we were developing Denkwerkstatt for Managers. There are many men out there, but few actually dare to support genuine innovations.