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future youtube star?

"Simon Unge left Netzwerk Mediakraft at the end of last year with some acrimony. In a video the Youtube star said the company was not giving him adequate support for finding sponsors. He said he didn't feel taken seriously and that the contractual conditions were unfair. Unge's protest shed light on the short videos business for the first time ever. Nearly 1.3 million YouTube uses have subscribed to Unge's channel. This does not mean that every subscriber watches every one of the videos, particularly as sometimes several new ones appear in one day. But it's a big thing for a young man who mainly films himself playing computer games and skating. By comparison: the Tagesschau evening news programme last Sunday just before the film Polizeiruf 110 had 5.67 million viewers," it says in the Handelsblatt (a commercial gazette).

Unge is the video blogger Simon Wiefels. He got Mediakraft, which was originally created as a network for people who enjoy making video clips, into trouble because this resulted in some colleagues leaving the agency.

This is a young sector

In addition to Mediakraft there are two other big providers: Studio71, which belongs to Pro7SAT1, and tubeone, which belongs to the Stroer-Media Group. Mediakraft, which is the industry leader with 600 million views per month, was founded in 2011; at that time it was the first company in which vloggers organised themselves.

Mediakraft's CEO, Boris Bolz, says that so far the company has only made losses. 45% of advertising revenue is retained by the Google subsidiary YouTube. The rest is shared by vloggers and the agency.

Even the stars on this scene such as the brothers Roman and Heiko Lochmann are unable to make a living from this. With their comedy clips and musical parodies the Lochis, as they are called by their fans, had a big media presence last year. They are both 17 years old.

Professionalising videos for financially strong target groups

Making videos is now a technology anyone can handle but it is also an art. A commercial 5-minute video costs a company between €1,000 and €2,000. These amounts are beyond the means of vloggers.

The Lochis will have to give some thought to how they can professionalise their videos that are so popular with the public for financially strong target groups. Nowadays this will probably be possible only with their own production company. The same applies to Stefan Wiefels. Otherwise, they will live in precarious financial circumstances - like so many other artists.