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dr. internet always has time

Dr. Stefan Waller is a cardiologist. As Dr. Heart, he offers useful information on cardiovascular diseases and possible treatments in simple, understandable video clips, and Dr. Johannes, a Hamburg-based radiologist, has acquired a fan base on YouTube and Facebook with video clips such as “What are haemorrhoids?” or “Sex after hip surgery?”. What makes a doctor decide to put user-friendly video clips on the internet?

Dr. Johannes Wimmer’s most important learning experience was when he was selling mattresses on the internet portal “HSE24”, not when he was studying. At the time he was fascinated by the home shopping queen Judith Williams. When she was selling her creams at 10 o’clock on HSE24 it was often the case that more people tuned in to watch her than “Wetten, dass..?”. Back then she was earning more than anybody else too. As a presenter, she was getting € 1,500.00 an hour, which was more than Judith Rakers on Tagesschau (€ 200.00) or Nazan Eckes on RTL (€ 800.00) were getting. Williams has been selling products on HSE24 via her company for twelve years. Her turnover in 2012 was 100 million euros.

Video clips that advise on medical issues

Wimmer’s second key learning experience was in the townships of Cape Town. Although the healthcare system there is inadequate in many respects, patients feel they are getting individual care from the South African doctors. The radiologist says this kind of empathetic doctor who is very attentive to patients is missing in Germany.

When TV shopping, people sit hundreds of kilometres away in front of their screens, yet at that moment they feel like the most important person. This is precisely how Wimmer wants to shoot video clips advising on medical matters. His success shows that he is right. While his colleagues in the medical profession are turning up their noses because ever more informed patients want to have their say in doctors’ surgeries, “Dr. Johannes” has been commissioned by Techniker Krankenkasse and Norddeutscher Rundfunk to shoot explanatory video clips.

And this is only the start. Wimmer thinks one day health chains will offer digitized medical products. Dr. Heart und Dr. Johannes are then sure to be in on the action.